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A little more information about us...

As Northern Ireland’s largest independent healthcare broker, we are uniquely placed to offer you and your business expert impartial advice on how to get the best value from your business healthcare budget and help you save money. Given our knowledge of the local healthcare arena, we also can help your employees source the best specialists with minimum delay.

Our clients not only benefit from our attention to detail in researching the market to ensure they have the right mix of healthcare and protection products, but just as importantly, they also enjoy dealing with our friendly team. Our business is built on building long term relationships and our clients can rely on our expertise to ensure they maximise value from their employee healthcare benefits.

  1. We meet with you to discuss and analyse your business healthcare needs and review your existing healthcare arrangements.

  2. We research the healthcare market to identify the best options and negotiate the best rates available to ensure you get value for money.

  3. We present an impartial, tailored business healthcare solution, explain the benefits and set up the policies with the selected provider.

  4. We offer guidance on the communication of the healthcare benefits, and help manage policy adjustments as employees join or leave your business.

Meet the team

Audrey Spence

Managing Director

Having previously established a regional sales team for a major medical insurance provider, Audrey is the founder and owner of Independent Healthcare Solutions. Audrey has been at the forefront of the UK Private Medical Insurance arena for many years. Audrey has built and managed employee healthcare benefits strategies for many of Northern Ireland’s best known businesses, leading the business to establish itself as the largest independently owned healthcare broker in the country.

T: 028 9261 0650
E: audrey.spence@indhealthcare.co.uk

Jim Livingstone

Corporate Sales Manager

Jim looks after the healthcare needs of new and existing corporate clients. Having worked as Sales Manager previously for H3 Insurance, Pruhealth and Prudential Assurance, Jim has a wealth of experience in the Private Medical and wider Insurance industry. and also looks after the development of the IHS Brand.

T: 028 9261 0650
E: jim.livingstone@indhealthcare.co.uk

Deborah Parkes

Deborah Parkes

Client Manager

Deborah has been looking after the healthcare needs of many of Northern Ireland’s top companies for over 12 years, and is a specialist in individual health insurance plans. helping hundreds of clients get the best healthcare packages to meet their needs. Deborah also plays a key role in managing our corporate clients, and works closely with their HR and finance departments to ensure that their schemes are effectively managed.

T: 028 9261 0650
E: deborah.parkes@indhealthcare.co.uk

Gwen English

Client Manager

Gwen is the newest addition to our team and manages our client and provider administration. With over 20 years experience in the Insurance Industry, Gwen provides a valuable link between insurance providers and clients and supports the team in planning policy reviews.

T: 028 9261 0650
E: gwen.english@indhealthcare.co.uk

How we add value to your business:

  • We analyse and advise on your healthcare arrangements.
  • Identify opportunities to increase value from your investment.
  • Negotiate best rates and discounts with healthcare providers. This in turn should:
  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Improve employee health and wellbeing
  • Improve absenteeism and employee morale

All of which enables your business to incorporate an effective stress management programme.

  • Provide assistance for your employees with the management of complex claims
  • Provide guidance on any issues or concerns with cover or providers
Lagan Construction need insurance brokers who know their business and can quickly solve problems. Independent Healthcare Solutions have been Lagan`s private health brokers for many years. Their efficient service and in-depth market knowledge makes life easy. Best of all, if we have a problem, Audrey and her team are always there to help”

Lagan Construction - Belfast